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Curriculum at Principia Primary

At Principia Primary the classes are bilingual. The Language and Mathematics Literacy programmes are presented to learners in their home language. This language rich environment ensures Principia Primary learners are empowered to be competently bilingual. Principia Primary offers an enriched and extended Western Cape Education Department curriculum making use of Jolly Phonics and Abacus Maths as well as addressing and enriching all aspects of the Life Skills programme.


Computer technology is integrated into the daily curriculum, which includes the use of the Cami program as well as essential computer skills. We also have Gradening and Cooking classes which add an extra, enriching dimension to our Lifeskills and Entrepreneurship curriculum. Every year we stage a musical giving all our little stars a chance to shine!

Through our curriculum we encourage children to question their environment and problem solve. We respect what each individual child brings to the classroom learning experience. At Principia Primary we believe in integrated whole brain education to develop every childs strengths.

Principia Primary is based soundly on Christian values. Our school acknowledges the importance of the individual in a wider environment. By being exposed to different world views, children are made aware of their place in a greater social and cultural environment and in the world at large. Environmental awareness stimulates their concept of the world as a precious place. At Principia Primary the world is our classroom and we work hard at connecting activities in the classroom with the real world in which the children live. Limited class sizes provide an opportunity to celebrate each childs individuality.