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Educational Philosophy

At Principia Primary School we believe that:


·        A vibrant and positive, rich and nurturing environment is key to motivating pupils to reach their full potential; be it academically, on the sports field, stage, socially and technologically.


·        A Christian ethos is the foundation for a teaching and learning environment where character education is important and pupils are encouraged to develop compassion, tolerance, loyalty, honesty, generosity and respect for themselves and others.  


·        Pupils flourish in a learning environment that ensures active involvement and challenges pupils to develop sound thinking and problem-solving skills while at the same time acknowledging individuality. 


·        Development of the intellectual curiosity of pupils must be stimulated for life-long learning well beyond the curriculum, to ensure success in a modern, rapidly changing world.


·        We must inspire understanding and appreciation of the richness of the culture and the diversity of the people of South Africa; to be aware of our challenges and to want to take part in its solutions.


·        We must instill in our pupils the importance of respecting the environment and the natural world, for the benefit of this generation and others to come.