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We meet and exceed all the curriculum expectations of the Western Cape Education Department. Everything in, around and done at school is part of the curriculum

Principia Primary School provides an individualised education for primary school learners that not only lays the groundwork for future academic excellence, but also develops self-confidence and a love for learning that will continue to enhance discovery of the world around them and choices for the rest of their lives. The integrated curriculum prepares learners for the next stages of learning.

Our Classes are intentionally kept small to create a close teacher-learner relationship and our positive environment is designed to encourage holistic success.

As a school with a Christian heritage and values, the spiritual growth of learners is as important to us as their academic, social, and physical development. Our teachers are however committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of and respect for all faiths represented in our local community as well as the wider world.

Our Dual Medium language arts programme builds pre-reading and reading skills, listening, speaking, and writing pre-writing skills in both English and Afrikaans. Through a strong literary base, learners increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills in both English and Afrikaans.  Learners are introduced to a wide variety of books.

Our sequential mathematics curriculum is presented in both English and Afrikaans. It is geared towards developing the learners' capacity to move from concrete concepts to discovering abstract ways of conceptualizing mathematical ideas.  The programme develops the children's skills, curiosity, and interest in numbers, measurement, money, logical thought, spatial sense, and estimation. Learners are taught through activities and experiences that incorporate investigation, problem solving, cooperative group work, as well as the practical application of mathematics to everyday situations.

We see our children as:

  •  Problem solvers

  • Able to conceptulize

  •  Explorers Inventors

  • Capable Originators

  •  Researchers Filled with ideas and theories

  •  Whole-Brain Thinkers

  •  Self-directed learners co-operating in a learning society