Oudtshoorn Independent School | Onafhanklike Skool Oudtshoorn
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Our Teachers:

  •  Design the environment to be thought provoking, so that the children want to know more. In order to do this we use natural light and colours (black, brown, earthy tones, grey) that reflect the natural environment and serve as a background to the children's work.
    • Scaffold the environment by organising the classroom and its materials in an aesthetically pleasing way. This facilitates the children making thoughtful decisions and observations.
  •  Scaffold the learning of the child through thought provoking question.
  •  Are documenters of the learning process.
  •  Are partners in the learning process. They collaborate with the learners, their parents, the community and other educational professionals.
  •  Are Nurturers who closely listen and observe.
  •  Are interpreters of what is being communicated.
  •  Are facilitators. They help the children see the connection between learning and experience:
  •  Are guides to open-ended discovery
  •  Are active observers of their learners especially during free play and break times
  •  Help children explore and discover their own knowledge
  •  Ask questions to discover children's ideas, hypotheses and theories.
  •  Foster a connection between home and school.
  •  Protect the children from harm of any sort which includes:
    • Being constantly concerned about their children' physical and emotional safety.
    • Subjectivity. To this end teachers reflect children's observations and make un-opinionated comments and observations.

 Teachers comply with the school's Child Protection Policy.

Our Teaching:

  •  Our Key Question is - "What do you want to learn from this?"
    • Subsequent questions asked include : "I don't know, let's find out?"
  • Facilitates the children exploring, discovering and representing their learning. Topics are explored by the children through the questions that they ask.
  • Is based on a curriculum negotiated with the children, through which skills are taught.
  • Uses Project Based Learning
  • Employs a Collaborative Approach to problem solving.
  • Empowers the children to support each other and be inter-dependent.

Will create the conditions for learning that will enhance and facilitate the children's construction of knowledge.

Brain Gym will happen daily and be facilitated by the teachers:

 Brain gym is a series of well thought out and carefully designed exercises that make all types of learning easier and are especially effective with academic skills.  It empowers learners of any age to draw out hidden potential and make it readily available.