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Things to Bring to School

Stationery Requirements


 A stationery requirements list is available from the school office. 

 Additional Purchases

Each child is also asked to bring:


o   A small cloth to wipe individual white boards

o   A Pencil case

o   A labelled water bottle for drinking water

o   A Lunch box

o   A back pack,(without wheels) large enough to hold A4 books and a lunch box.


Our school is a juice free zone!  Please do not send juice to school with your child. We are going to be drinking a lot of water at school! Therefore, each child is required to bring their own labelled water bottle to school.  

The children will learn about the major food groups as part of their daily routine. Please ensure that your child has a carbohydrate (bread, Provita, salty cracks, rice cakes, pasta, rice, potato etc) a protein (nuts, cheese, meats, peanut butter, yoghurt, chicken, fish paste etc) as well as a fruit and a vegetable in their labelled lunch box each day. NO SWEETS, NIKNAKS, CHIPS OR COLDDRINKS PLEASE!  You are welcome to include a home baked treat occasionally.