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Playscape and Garden Program

The Principia Primary School Playscape took on a life of its own as it developed and the herb and vegetable gardens were an intergral part of its growth.

Our pupils are involved and schooled in every aspect of the herb and vegetable gardens and orchard; from composting their waste to promoting and maintaining healthy soil needed for growing the produce. This produce is ultimately harvested and prepared by the same little hands responsible for its growth. The children experience the nutrient cycle first hand and develop a good understanding of the importance of sustainability and the impact they have on their environment.

The program is linked to the curriculum in the following ways:

Literacy - all garden and kitchen antics are recorded in the garden journals in picture and word form.

Numeracy - vegetable beds are planned and measured, seeds and plants are counted, produce is divided and eaten or packaged and will eventually be priced and sold during market days.

Life-skills - sustainability, recycling, good nutrition and food preparation are a few of the skills aquired in our ever evolving program.